Microsoft Exchange 2010. As low as $7.50
The Ultimate Power Pack™ includes:

  • Large 25 GB Mailboxes
  • McAfee Spam and Virus Filtering
  • ActiveSync included
  • 24x7 phone support

Only Hosted Exchange Delivers the Functionality You Need

at a Price You Can Afford

Many small- and medium-sized companies simply cannot afford the costs of maintaining a Microsoft® Exchange server and must sacrifice security and functionality by piecing together a solution using POP3 email accounts and various, free Web email services for remote access. offers a professional-level solution that includes encryption, secure servers and enterprise grade functionality at a low monthly cost.

So, forget those patched-together mobile email solutions and expensive dedicated servers. With hosted Microsoft® Exchange you can get the robust, secure mobile emailing solution you want without the major startup and maintenance costs of running an in-house system.

Save Thousands of Dollars with

Take a look at the table below to see just how much our hosted Microsoft® Exchange solution can save you over a three-year period.

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  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
In-House In-House In-House

Front End Server (ISA)

$2,000 Included Included Included

Exchange 2007 Server

$2,000 Included Included Included

Domain Controller (Active Directory)

$2,000 Included Included Included

Operations Management Server

$2,000 Included Included Included

Windows 2008 Server (with five licenses)

$999 Included Included Included

Exchange 2007 Server License

$699 Included Included Included

Network Firewall

$1,500 Included Included Included

Antivirus/Antispam Firewall

$1,900 Included Included Included
Per Mailbox Licensing
Backup Hardware/Software
Exchange 2007 Hosting Fees

Savings each year


Three-Year Savings

Let's Roll
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