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Fax Over Email

Have the most advanced Web hosting platform, but still using a clunky, old fax machine with toner ink and paper piling up all over the place? Get your faxing in tune with the rest of your high-tech life; order Fax Over Email.'s digital faxing solution sends and stores all of your outgoing and incoming faxes in your email account and neat folders. You never have to organize your file cabinet or fuss with paper and ink unless you decide to print your faxes.

It’s Easy and Automatic

Just add your document as an attachment to an email message, enter the fax number and click send. All of your incoming faxes appear right in your email inbox.

  • Cut the cost of fax machine paper, ink, equipment and repairs
  • Save time by faxing right from your computer
  • Receive important faxes anywhere you have access to your email account
  • Stay organized with digital storage for all your incoming and outgoing faxes

Take a look at our plans below to find the solution that best fits your needs.

Plan/Pricing Fax Basic Fax Business Fax Corporate
Monthly $9.95 $16.95 $29.95
Yearly $109.95 $186.45 $329.95
Setup N/A N/A N/A
  Fax Basic Fax Business Fax Corporate

Fax Lines Included

Send and receive faxes quickly with your email fax line. There's no clunky equipment or paper outages to slow your communications down.

1 1 1

Included Faxes (Incoming and Outgoing)

Before you choose a plan, assess how many faxes you send and receive in a typical month. With three options to choose from, you won't have to pay for faxes you don't use.

200/month 400/month 800/month

Email Users per Account

Each fax line can serve up to three users. You can always add more lines as your company grows.

3 3 3
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