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What's Hot and What's Not With Customers Visiting Your Site?

Your website's pages are your 24/7 sales agents! But would you hire sales agents and not monitor their performance?  Keeping tabs on website performance is essential if you want a site that really sells. Web analytics provide you a report card so you can:

  • Measure traffic to your site (Is it up? Down? What other sites are referring traffic to your site?)

  • Determine which pages are superstars (So you can expand these areas of high customer interest!)

  • Determine which pages are wallflowers (Time to troubleshoot: Fix broken links, strengthen copy, or maybe replace with better material.)

  • Track results (Did site traffic result in customers that actually bought products, or filled out your Contact Us form?  If traffic's high and conversion's down...time to investigate if there's a problem that may be cutting off sales.)

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What top 5 numbers should you check each week? Click here for Click here for our screen shot tour through five key measures and what those numbers mean.  


 Success Story

Athene, Inc.
Athene helps companies build teams, hire the right people and evaluate existing staff.  Established only four years ago, they've experienced rapid growth.  But with expansion, frustration spiked.

"I needed to get in touch with my partners, to schedule meetings, to share info. Time is our most precious resource, and we were burning way too much on simple logistics," said founding partner Barry Hull. 

Technology to the rescue with shared calendars and connectivity from hosted Microsoft Exchange. 

"Without it, I don't know how I'd get through my day," said Hull.  

Today, Athene has grown its customer base to 150 accounts nationwide.

Check them out at:

For more on what hosted Exchange can do for you, click here.

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Brain Teaser

How many laptops are left in U.S. airports each week?

A.  500

B. 2,500

C. 7,500

D. 12,000

More than 12,000 laptops are lost in U.S. airports each week according to a 2008 study of 106 airports in 49 states.   Approximately 7% are lost in restaurants, 9% in restrooms, 23% at departure gates and a whopping 40% are left at security checkpoints.

Travel tip: Tape your name and mobile phone number to the outside of your laptop, so security can call you back to the screening area to pick up your machine!

Sales Booster: Search Engine Advertising with Google AdWords

Search engine advertising has many benefits.  It's generally less expensive than other forms of advertising. There's no minimum spend.  You're only charged if someone clicks on your ad. And if you're an ecommerce site, it has the added advantage of easy tracking to determine if your ad spending resulted in purchases.  

How does Google AdWords work
? You pick keywords that will trigger your ad appearing as a sponsored link when someone searches on that word.  If they click on the ad you've written, they go through to the Web page you've chosen, and you're charged for the click.  The more popular keywords cost more per click, but you can set a daily maximum budget, and a maximum that you'll pay per keyword.  

Keyword Tip: Get Relevant and Specific! There must be a strong relevancy chain between the keyword, your text ad and the landing page your ad clicks through to. Make sure they line up and all contain the keywords you've selected.  Further, a broad term like "Hats" will be more popular (and expensive!) than a more specific phrase like "Cowboy Hats, " so choose targeted keywords to get the biggest bang for your buck!

Want a few quick keyword suggestions for your site? (and what they cost per click?) Click here to try Google's free Keyword Tool. If you select its "Website Content" option, it lets you enter any website address, scans the site, suggests keywords and provides those keywords' cost per click.  

Click here for more on creating a Do-It-Yourself Google AdWords campaign.

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