October 2009

Google Maps is hot! Nearly 60 million people used Google Maps in August 2009 (up from nearly 40 million a year ago.) If your customers are using Google Maps to find businesses, make sure your business is listed on the site. All you have to do is sign up for a free Google account and provide some basic info (address, type of business, etc.). It's easy to do and only takes about 10 minutes. Remember: customers can't buy from you if they can't find you! Click here to put your business on Google Maps. 

Getting Started with Yahoo Search Marketing 

Did you know that more than 140 million people searched on Yahoo last month?  Reach these people with Yahoo Search Marketing — it's easy, and you have a $50 credit with your Gate.com Web hosting account. 

Choose keywords related to your company and write a very short text blurb as an ad. Decide the maximum amount you want to pay each time your ad is clicked.  When someone types one of your keywords into a Yahoo! search box, your ad appears.

To get your credit, go to your account login, click on 'Tools' and look for Yahoo Search Marketing in the Website Traffic section.

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Free Google Keyword Tool

Check out which keywords your competition is using. Or find out which keywords pop up when Google scans your site. Need ideas for new keywords? 

Google's free keyword tool can help you with all this and more. Type in a keyword or URL, and Google provides keyword generation or analysis.     

 Click here to access Google's free keyword tool.


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Ask the Expert

Raise your search engine profile this holiday season! Click here to check out our Web Resources article highlighting 10 tips on driving traffic to boost holiday sales. 

Brain Teaser

One of Apple's three founders sold his shares back after only two weeks. That 10% stake in the company is now worth nearly $8 billion. How much did he get for it? 

a. $800

b. $8,000

c. $80,000

d. $800,000


a. $800
Ronald Wayne, who created the logo, drew up the first contract, and wrote the Apple I manual, received $800 for his shares.

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