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Issue: April 2015

SMX Collaborate – More Than Just Email

Last month, we were pleased to announce the arrival of a new and improved email platform, SiteMail Xchange. Many of you have already logged into your new email system and are enjoying the intuitive user interface and improved performance. What you may not know, is that this new cloud email solution is more than just email.

SMX Collaborate offers some key features designed to help your business be more efficient, productive and professional. SMX Collaborate introduces shared calendars and contacts, file versioning and sharing, and seamless integration with the social media activities.

Remote Collaboration: Obtain teamwork nirvana when you enable employees to:

  • Share calendars and schedule meetings
  • Store files and attachments online for easy access and versioning control
  • Assign tasks and projects
  • Create distribution lists and access global contacts
  • Remote access anytime, anywhere from any device

With SMX Collaborate, even if you’re apart you can work together.

As a special introductory offer, you can get 10 SMX Collaborate email boxes for only $10/month for the life of your account.

Learn more about SMX Collaborate or talk to an email expert now!

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SMX Collaborate – More Than Just Email
Intercept Marketing: Finding New Customers For You Automatically
Why Choose Virtual Private Servers
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Get 10 SMX Collaborate mailboxes for only $10/mo!
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Intercept Marketing: Finding New Customers For You Automatically

Welcome to your new automated marketing solution.

LiveChime’s new Intercept Marketing platform creates an interactive experience between buyer and seller to immediately find new customers. Chat and click to call for mobile have become the de-facto standard for sales support. By delivering quick answers to online buyers, sales increases of 300% are possible, according to the National Retailers Association.

Intercept Marketing does two things for any small business:

  1. Using what you already have for sales tools – pictures, videos and websites – the product wraps them into a simple link, and then smoothly adds click to call and chat, video presentations, and image sharing to any website. The experience builds trust and simplifies the buying experience for the customer.
  2. The web software also includes interactive language translation across 36 languages for chat, and works on any iPhone or Android device.
  3. After a few minutes of setup, the Intercept Marketing platform then helps you place these links around the Internet, driving new customers to reach out to you when they are ready to buy.
    Here are some of the tools included:
    • Search conversations for buyers in Facebook, GooglePlus, and Twitter
    • Create and Send Mobile Offers/Links to customers
    • Automatically capture email into your email marketing list
    • Automatically add visitors to your Google or Facebook PPC remarketing
    • Automatically track where your buyers come from, which marketing is working best

A single link can add this full interactivity to any website, including Google+, Facebook, eBay, Craigslist, and any WordPress Blog site to find new customers.

The result is automated lead generation for any small business.

The platform is available as a do-it-yourself, or full setup and management services are available.

To learn more about how Intercept Marketing can showcase your business and a FREE Trial of this new product, CLICK HERE.


FREE Analysis of your Competitors Advertising Secrets!

For a LIMITED time we will do a FREE competitive analysis of your competitors online advertising, what keywords they use, and what their best ads look like.

Then we’ll tell you where you should consider advertising and how Intercept Marketing can deliver new customers. Click HERE to take a quick 5-6 minute survey.

These detailed reports are completely customized for your business, can be 20+ pages and can take 24 hours to complete. A FREE trial of the product is included.

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Why Choose Virtual Private Servers

When it comes to server arrangements, companies have several options available. Among those options, virtual private servers (VPS) have recently become much more popular in the enterprise sector, and for good reason. Instead of using traditional physical components, a VPS lives on a computer system belonging to a service provider.

“A virtual private server, VPS, also called a virtual dedicated server (VDS), is a virtual server that appears to the user as a dedicated server but is actually installed on a computer shared by multiple website owners,” noted TechTarget contributor Margaret Rouse. “A single computer can have several VPSs, each one with its own operating system that runs the hosting software for a particular user.”

There are several advantages any business can reap from using a VPS, including:

Reduced reliance on the internal IT team

Today’s IT teams have a plethora of tasks and projects on their plates. Any opportunity to shift work away from the internal IT department to off-site experts is worth considering. Instead of having to perform all the maintenance and updates on a VPS itself, the business can entrust them to the service provider. This returns time to the internal IT team to focus on other mission-critical initiatives.

Boosted control over shared hosting environments

Server Mania also noted that a VPS provides more control over a client’s environment when compared to shared hosting arrangements. With VPS, businesses generally have root access, allowing their engineers to implement and customize software as needed instead of waiting for their service provider to offer support.

“Shared Web servers are typically optimized for security and performance as best as possible, and this means that there are many popular software packages that are not support[ed] due to their security limitations,” Server Mania contributor Justin Blanchard wrote. “Having your own virtual environment allows you tobypass all of those issues.”

Enhanced performance and uptime

A private virtual environment also offers better performance and stability in comparison to shared configurations. With shared hosting services, the traffic of other clients can severely impact the way a business’s services perform. In contrast, VPS comes with privately allocated resources for the use of one client alone. This ensures the organization has the performance it expects without interruption.


VPS also provides boosted sustainability for companies seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Within VPS environments, more users are able to leverage available resources, which can greatly reduce the energy demands of any one given Web host.

“With dedicated server hosting you are taking all of the resources of a server – which means you are the only person benefiting from that server’s power consumption,” Blanchard noted. “However, with a virtual private server, a large dedicated server is sliced or divided into many different virtual environments.”

There’s never been a better time to upgrade to one of our VPS hosting plans. For a limited time, we’re offering a 50% discount across the board – a permanent discount that lasts as long as you keep your account active. Although the discount never expires, this offer will – so upgrade today and lock these rates while they last.

All VPS plans include:

  • Screaming fast servers w/ high-performance Solid State Drives and latest-gen CPUs
  • The powerful Plesk control panel, which makes it easy to manage multiple websites and applications from a single login
  • Your choice of Linux or Windows
  • Administrator (root) level access to install or customize your server (optional – you can also do everything from the easy to use control panel – no admin experience needed!)
  • One click installs for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento – and almost every other popular web application framework
  • Our awesome support team – who are always just a phone call or e-mail away

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